March 22nd, 2007


I'm sweaty from working in the yard and garage...

It must be Spring Break. Today all I did was:
. Spray the garage and house perimeters with anti-spider poison. I am sick of Brown Recluse bites.
. Tidy and organize the garage a bit. It's a bit tight in there now.
. Start and wipe down the 1951 Chevy. Golly, but does it start right up!
. Remove the bodywork on the Aprilia (a must for doing anything to it) so I could change its oil and get ready for the scientific experiments involving souping it up. Also cleaned and adjusted the chain among other things.
. Change the oil on the Honda (everything's now full of fresh oil for the fresh season!).
. And other non-work stuff.

Was planning on going into the office, but I really wanted to get this stuff done. Next I need to run to some auto-parts stores in the hopes that I can find canister oil-filters for the pickup and Chevy; they use old-style insert filters rather than the modern spin-on types, and I bet I'll have to order 'em. Tomorrow I endeavor to see if Douglas County folks can figure out how to register a Vespa from overseas....

Oh, and good news about the new Saab: It is waterproof! It underwent a heckuva test this morning with the massive thunderstorm that passed through Lawrence, and when I checked inside, it was absolutely dry. Hooray good convertible top seals! On the other hand, I don't want to test the top with a hailstorm, so I've decided that I really do need to start selling excess vehicles, at least one, anyhow. First up for offer are the 1951 Chevy and the 1962 Ford pickup; I have a couple of interested folks, and if you're one of them, let me know! I will list them for sale elsewhere soon.

62 Ford pickup

goodbye, charming pickup truck!

Today, roya_spirit and J. stopped by just as I was replacing the oil filter on the pickup truck. We talked about it for a while, I re-tightened the oil-filter cover (okay, now I understand why most cars don't use those any more: tricky to line it up against the seal), and she decided she wanted it!

It's been a good pickup, having hauled literally tons of stuff for me over the past year without requiring a lot of maintenance. I did rebuild the carburetor and install a battery shut-off, and it could use some updates, but it worked super as-is as my haulin' vehicle. Here's my post from the day I picked it up. Here's a photo:

So I'm down to only three cars, and perhaps soon down to only two. Wow! That'll be the fewest in a long time.

So long, charming pickup truck! I hope you enjoy it, roya_spirit!