March 28th, 2007

Gully Foyle

a couple of psychological truths

This just came up for me when talking with a friend. I called these "a couple of psychological truths"; anyone disagree or want to modify them?

. To a hammer, everything looks like a nail. An example is an inner-city cop whose job it is to find bad guys. Unless you appear otherwise, he'll assume you're a bad guy and act accordingly.

. The thing we fear and loathe in others is often that which we fear and loathe most about ourselves. I think we've all experienced this one.

Here's hoping these aren't a big part of your life right now.


Dairy Queen and the AIDS Walk

Just heard about this. And, hey, it's warm enough to want ice cream!

April 1-6, 2007 $1.00 of every 16 oz. Blizzard sold will be donated to the DCAP AIDS WALK. This offer is good at the 1835 Massachusetts Street location in Lawrence, Kansas only. Please share this great offer with your friends and family! No coupon is required.