April 9th, 2007

squirrel jedis

squirrel/robin fun

A squirrel in front of my house is digging through the leaves and helicopter-seed detritus in the grass near the street. Two robins are doing likewise. I assume the birds are looking for something different from what the squirrel seeks.

Well, this squirrel seems to be a trouble-maker. (NOTE: He is an adolescent fella.) Every so often, he hop-hop-hops past the birds, arms and legs wide to present a Big Squirrel persona, threatening to hop on top of them. The robins hop away, then stare at this freakish little beast for a while. You can almost hear them thinking, "Since when have squirrels become predators? Hm, doesn't seem to be pursing me. Damn kids."

One of the robins has decided to turn this on the squirrel, hopping at him with wings a-flutter. Squirrel mostly ignores this.

I love my little wildlife shows!