April 19th, 2007


bonus astro-photos: "Face on Mars"

Y'all remember this, right?

Well, now we have a better shot to help quiet the "face on Mars" theorists:

(Looks a bit like Duke Nukem to me. See the enlarged view and you'll know what I mean. So perhaps this doesn't settle the debate after all, bwahahahaha!)

Vote hippie!

Don't like your government? Do something about it!

From a response by kalimeg in my political post yesterday:
While our KS senators are hopelessly paid-for corrupt Republicans, we can still make daily calls to the Senate switchboard and applaud those who fight. The number is toll-free:


Ask for Reed. For Kennedy. For Hillary, and tell her if she wants to lead, get going! Ask for Obama -- tell him to get on it! Make several calls a day.

There you go! There is something we can do. So....