May 4th, 2007

smiling Chris 2007

Spider-Man III: Sure, it has problems, but...

...expectations of a movie are everything.

I enjoyed it a lot, even though it tries to do too many things. But isn't that what we all expected after having seen the previews? So I wasn't disappointed at all; I enjoyed the spectacle of it, and much of the acting was wonderful.

So: Fun movie with friends. Plus the serious buzz I was still feeling from the bartender giving me shots on top of my beer helped *g*

XT10 telescope

astro-image of the night: barred spiral galaxy

Must post before hitting the bed. Gods, but do I love galaxies. Barred spirals like this just seem like magic; I mean, wow - gravity made it form into that shape. That simply astounds me.

I love the Hubble Telescope. It's 17 years old: an impressive late adolescent, wouldn't you say? And to think that NASA was going to let it fall, burning into the atmosphere, until it was saved by a groundswell of astonishment from the public. What, we need to use those dollars to cover a few minutes' fighting in Iraq? That's somehow a better way to spend the money?

Whatever. I like these pictures better than those coming out of Iraq. Tax money spent correctly. Let's keep it up, folks.