June 20th, 2007


double-supernova star

A unique discovery of two celestial explosions at exactly the same position in the sky has led astronomers to suggest they have witnessed the death of one of the most massive stars that can exist. This could challenge astronomers' understanding of stars' lives:

Click the image to see the story; this is cheating a little, because the image is of Eta Carinae, which probably looks like this new double-supernova.

I love this shot: You can just feel the explosion!


tool for SF researchers

Dear SF scholars and friends -

The Center for the Study of Science Fiction is pleased to announce that we have posted a significant addition to Hal Hall's list of SF library collections to our AboutSF website. Hal has put together a list of library collections by major authors so that scholars, students, and other researchers can locate where the papers of authors can be found without going through each library's listing. It is a major accomplishment and a fine addition to the tools available for SF scholars. Hal says that the list might not be complete, and he welcomes additions or suggestions (just drop a note to the AboutSF Volunteer Coordinator via the AboutSF site).

To find this new resource, look under "Library Resources" on the AboutSF website. Also note that the blog, which now focuses on the teaching of SF, welcomes contributions, and the speakers service is open for acquiring speakers - feel free to add yourself as a speaker if you wish to volunteer.