June 22nd, 2007

1951 Chevy

kind of sad; the fleet is fleeting

So I checked my eBay auctions and it seems that both my classic Chevy and my classic Ford pickup have both met reserves. This means that both shall be leaving the McKitterick Fleet soon. This makes me kind of sad. Here are the auctions:

1951 Chevrolet Styleline Deluxe

1962 Ford F-250 Pickup

Will I be okay with this in the long run? I shall miss them both... heck, just today I drove the pickup all over town, selling boxes of books and bringing more boxes of books up to the Center's new office.

I still own the lovely Crossfire and the new-brakes-installed Saab convertible (my cars); and the Lil' Vehicle of Danger is still in boxes in the garage, awaiting construction (another 4-wheeler); and I own the Aprilia scooter/motorcycle/land-speed racer; and I own the BMW RS100S motorcycle; and I shall soon own the Vespa VBC150 (and make it legal for road use)... so I still own more motorized vehicles than most humans. But I'll miss these, nonetheless. The Chevy is gorgeous, though I have not used it for a year; the Ford pickup is so useful and charming, though it has had to live on the street.


Clearing out the excess is unhappy-making, methinks.


Astro-image of the day (with bonus): supernova countdown, Ceres and Vesta

Remember yesterday's astro-image? Well, here's another shot of that tumultuous star, and it's getting ready to go supernova:

Click the image to see the story.

And because showing another image of the same object is kinda cheating, a bonus astro-image: Ceres and Vesta, our two biggest asteroids. Amazingly detailed image of them!

Click the image to see the story.

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Workshop coming... will be spottily online...

Also the Institute and Conference. I shall endeavor to continue my Astro-Image of the Day posts, plus others when I can, but I apologize in advance for how far behind I shall get in reading your LJs.

If something comes up that I should know (or if you want me to see a post), please do me a favor and drop me a note to read your LJ (email or as a reply in my LJ), and I'll read it when I'm online!