June 30th, 2007


help save Tara

Tara (Teamhair) in County Meath, Ireland, was the ancient inauguration site of the early Irish Kings. It contains a number of ancient monuments, and, according to tradition, was the seat of the Árd Rí Éireann (High King of Ireland). Archaeologists are actively working on the site and have much work left to do.
The Lia Fáil (Stone of Destiny)
Yet the Irish Government now plans to build a highway with a huge interchange at the foot of the Hill of Tara itself. Does this sound like a good idea? I don't think so, and I bet you don't, either.
Aerial view of the Hill of Tara, County Meath
So go sign the petition to save Tara here! Maybe we can help save this ancient treasure.

stone monkey

god loves inept terrorists

...like these.

Seems that the recent incidents in England aren't much to get worked up about... but I bet that the cable-news media are playing this 24/7 right now. Which makes the Bushies eminently happy, and must please the punch out of Osama & Friends™, hiding out in their Pakistani caves.

Who needs terrorists to spread fear when our news media can do such a fine job of it all by themselves? Well, with a little help from some Keystone Terrorists?