August 8th, 2007


Brian Aldiss' new novel, HARM

Have you read Aldiss' new novel? HARM is a brilliant novel about a comedic British novelist arrested in England for writing a "sedicious" passage. It is also about a human colony on another world inhabited by intelligent natives. Mostly, though, it's about the US and British reactions to 9/11 that have led our nations toward totalitarianism and how fighting a war against the enemy within leads to the loss of our humanity.

I highly recommend it.

bat child

The World's Only SF Newspaper Goes Under

Goodbye, Weekly World News. Oh how we loved you.

When I worked for Microsoft, we had these weekly get-togethers called WIMs (Windows Information Meetings) during busy-times. Brian Valentine would kick things off by reading from the WWN:

Brian: "Why do I read the Weekly World News to you each week?"
Chorous: "Because we're too busy to keep up with the news!"

I have a couple of shirts that he made for us with images from the WWN. This was one:

Too bad this one's dying and not, say, the Enquirer or one of those that meant ill-will to people.