November 14th, 2007


two things: SFRA and AboutSF

Once again, up early because I can't sleep. *sigh* Getting tired of this. Anyhow.

Notice: The SFRA Conference planned for Dublin has been canceled at that venue due to the falling value of the US dollar. They're currently looking for an alternate US location. Here's the SFRA Prez's announcement:
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Request: Are you a science-fiction teacher or do you hope to be? Then please help AboutSF better help you by offering suggestions about what we should add to the site by dropping Nate a suggestion. Also be sure to check out the site: It's growing every week, complete with teaching aids and syllabi.

Have a good day!
galaxy M51

Astro-image of the day: Super-Supernova

Just under the wire (by an hour), today's astro-image of the day: The shot below shows supernova SN 2006gy, the brightest ever recorded at - get this - 100 times brighter than most and beyond the theoretical limit for brightness.

"WTF?" said the astro-dudes, "Be we all wrong-ed what how da supernovae work?"

"Dudes," said Stan Woosley, astro-prof at UC-Santa Cruz, "you be not wrong, you just need a new 'splanation for this'un."

(Okay, perhaps they didn't speak exactly like this, but it amuses me to picture astrophysicists - decked out in lab coats and bleary-eyed from long nights at the eyepice - speaking thus.)

Click the image to see the story.

I love how science works: If something doesn't make sense, don't just give up: Explain why, test it, then have your a-ha! moment as the universe makes sense again.

And it's purty, too, isn't it?