November 19th, 2007

stone monkey

news about Kij

Dear friends -

It turns out that Kij's concerns about climbing on pads instead of pea gravel have come to pass. Last night while climbing, she fell from a 10-foot bouldering route and badly sprained an ankle and broke her leg.

To make matters worse, the hospital gave her pain meds to which she was allergic, so she was sick most of the night. She's still in the hospital (didn't get which one, but in Seattle at the orthopedic unit getting checked out right now).

She's to stay off her feet for at least a week, then she'll be on crutches for months while it heals. I'm sure she would appreciate comfort and offers of help during this week - getting groceries, company, and so forth. Like most of us when we're hurt, she'll probably alternate between wanting help and wanting to be alone. Probably no calls for now while she's still with the doctors; I'll post an update later.

As you can imagine, this means she'll be very down-hearted. No climbing plus injury for a while, then she'll have to overcome fears before being able to start climbing again.

EDIT: I just spoke with her again, and Kij says she's welcome to be deluged with books, flowers, and trips to exotic places where she can forget about her leg.

EDIT2: Last I heard, Kij was drifting off to sleep, so it's probably best not to call right now. Check her LJ for updates, address, and phone numbers when she's ready! If you're a real-life friend but don't have Kij's new address since she moved last month, drop me an email and I'll send it to you.