February 4th, 2008

Saturn's rings

Astro-image of the Day: interactive 3D Cassini site

NASA just released some very cool new Web software to see 3D, rotatable imagery from the Cassini mission to Saturn and its moons. They have taken variety of photos that Cassini spacecraft has shot and assembled them into 3D globes of the world. Way cool! Get yours by clicking here or the image below.

Here's a screenshot of the interface with Iapetus in the display frame:

Click the image to see the page and download the software. It's a 3-megabyte download. When you go to the download page, you'll see a "Download Unity Web" something-software button; yes, you need to click that, the instructions are just not very clear.

For more info about Cassini at Saturn and its moons, click here.

FSM fresco


Dear microbes:

Okay, fine, you win this battle. I must have killed hundreds of millions of your legion over the past week or two, but it seems that continued exposure to more of you combined with work-stress and personal-stress has turned the tide of the war.

(Yeah, I seem to be sick. It's not bad - fever of 101°F with body-aches, sore throat, and burning eyes - but it precludes my walking up to the office. At least it's warm enough - 65°F in Lawrence! - for the scooter to operate correctly. I have so much work to get done up there, and I can't do it all from home. Harumph.)

Here's wishing you're well,