February 12th, 2008

Moon red

Astro-image of the Day: Lunar eclipse next week

On February 20, 2008, between 7:40pm and 11:00pm US Central time, we'll have the opportunity to watch the Moon fade to dark red as the Earth's shadow takes a huge bite out of it. This will be the last total Lunar eclipse for nearly three years, so don't miss it!

This map shows where in the world will have the best views. The Moon will be full and in the constellation Leo, right near Saturn.

Want more information? Click the image below to go to the official NASA site to learn all about Lunar eclipses, when and where to view them, and much more:

Click the image to see the story.

computer - ENIAC

mckitterick LJ: the week in review

Hi folks -

I'm going to try something new each week: a quick review of the week's posts. I've seen others do this and found it quite handy - especially for those who live in different time-zones or who miss posts made over a weekend. It'll also help me reflect a bit on recent history. So without further ado:
Okay, that's a bit more than a week; gosh, I really need to start posting more again. From now on, I'll try to do this every Monday.

Here's hoping you're doing well.