March 5th, 2008

Little Prince

Amanda Baggs on autistic communication

I just found out about this, and it's one of the most moving videos I've ever seen. It was created by a 27-year-old autistic woman in response to how people view autistic people as non-people. The first few minutes don't use your language, but stick through to the end (about seven minutes):

She has lots more videos, too. Thank you, Amanda Baggs, for sharing your experience of the world with the rest of us.


Lyn Hejinian: speaking and reading at KU tomorrow

Heads up: Lyn Hejinian will be doing a talk during a poetry class plus a poetry reading and lecture at the University of Kansas tomorrow.

The poetry class is at 11:00am (Alderson Auditorium in the Kansas Union), the reading is at 4:00pm (Spencer Museum of Art, 20/21 Gallery), and the lecture is at 7:30pm (Alderson Auditorium in the Kansas Union).

If you're a poetry fan, this is a big deal, so take advantage of this free event.