March 10th, 2008

Little Prince

mckitterick LJ: the week in review

I've been trying to be better reading and posting to LiveJournal, but life is still so busy and full of anxiety, so I'm still pretty behind. Please drop me a note here if I've missed something important.
And how are you?

space trooper

Astro-image of the Day: strange craters on Mercury

NASA's Messenger spacecraft keeps sending startling images of Mercury. Check out the craters in this photo; not only do they have hard-to-explain dark rings around them, but also bright material inside:

Click the image to see the story.

See, I think what we're seeing is as I first reported in the historial document, marketed as "fiction," called, Captain Proton. What you're seeing is the dark outer wall and glass roofs of a Mercurian city!

The Worlds of Tomorrow: Mercury
by Christopher McKitterick

The planet Mercury is perhaps the least-understood world in our Solar System. Every schoolchild is intimitely familiar with the Moon’s crystal mountains and black lakes, Mars’ sandstorms and canals, Venus’ steaming jungles and boiling seas, Jupiter’s Earth-sized hurricane and globe-spanning hydrogen ocean, even Saturn’s rings and cloud-shrouded moons; but how many know about Mercury’s quicksilver lakes? Schoolchildren the world ‘round can describe the Moon’s shy denizens, the stone-eaters of Mars, the green folk of Venus, the balloon-whales of Jupiter, even the needle-hawks of Saturn’s moon Titan, but how many can tell you about the sandmen of Mercury?

Mercury’s proximity to the Sun’s killer rays has discouraged explorers until the recent discovery of Solaradium, which can be wrought into spacesuits to protect tender human flesh....