April 1st, 2008


Astronautical-image of the Day: Dextre the Robot demands equal rights

This just in, direct from NASA. I'm not making this up; the following is a direct quote:

In a surprising and potentially troubling request, the new space station robot known as Dextre demanded that astronauts refer to it in the future at "Dextre the Magnificent." Brandishing power tools that would make any handyperson blush, the mobile servicing system thanked humans for creating it and promised a glorious future where humans would retain an important role in the new robot order.

Dextre pauses during work on the Space Station to make his demand. Click the image to see the story.

At first glance, Dextre the Robot looks like a simple work-droid, with two 11-foot arms bristling with tools for working on the International Space Station. But if you dig a little, information comes to light about how he went from mechanical slave to poster-child for the Robot Rights movement. For more information about how he got to where he is, read this research behind Dextre's AI brain.

Dextre hovers in space, presumably communicating with other AI minds. Click the image to see the story.

May we humans survive this new dawn of the DigiMind Age.