April 12th, 2008

computer - ENIAC

I still hate computers

So I've been messing with trying to install an old Iomega 100MB Zip drive - just so I can remove any files from the disk before I send it to its new owner (eBay). Steps so far:
  • First, I was naive and tried to just detect it. Ha. Ha.

  • Next, downloaded drivers. After installing and restarting, nothing.

  • Downloaded another version of the drivers. Repeat. Ha. Ha. HA.

  • Walked through Iomega's troubleshooter for not detecting the drive. Got to Step Four, which involves modifying the computer's Ports settings to allow for interrupts and to use Plug & Play on the parallel port (oh, yes, the drive uses a parallel-port cable). No go: The settings will not change. Ha. HA. HAHAHAHA.

  • Step Five: Fuck with the BIOS. Turns out my computer had the parallel port turned off. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Turned it on. Restarted. Guess what?

  • NOTHING! That didn't actually make the parallel port work yet! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!

  • Blog about how I hate computers.

  • Give up.

That is all.


EDIT: PS - I forgot to mention that, because there's something wrong with my computer (BIOS, I think, even though I've flashed it a couple of times with newer versions), I have to restart twice to make it "take." Frickin' computers. This reminds me of the joy of Windows 98 days.