May 3rd, 2008

mushroom cloud

Astro-Image of the Day: Mercury might one day destroy the Earth

I'm not talking about those nasty Mercurians, bent on domination of the entire Solar System. No, this is a more insidious threat: Jupiter, King of the Planets, is yanking Mercury this way and that, altering its orbit such that it will one day either fall into the Sun, be ejected from the Solar System entirely, crash into Venus, or - and here's where we should really care - plummet into our little blue world.

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That's right. Jupiter's gravitational influence will one day tear apart the inner Solar System. Nice. And to think it used to be my favorite planet. Thanks a lot, Jupiter. Dude.

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Iron Man = Awesome

So rockin'! How often does a 2+ hour movie feel too short? And now I want to see it again!

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Robert Downey Jr. is perfect as bad-ass m'f'in' Iron Man, Tony Stark. Oh, and when you go (you are going, right?), be sure to stick around through the end of the credits. Aw, yeah.