June 14th, 2008


first dry-ish day in weeks means yard work

As you can imagine, weeks of rain-storms have turned the local yards into something akin to fields of wheat. Today it's sunny (and hot: already 90-ish... wasn't it just freezing a few weeks ago?) and dry, as it was last night, so I took the opportunity to mow.

I'll just say it was slow going. And humid; did I mention humid? I'm currently re-solidifying in my air-conditioned living room. There are dead branches in the trees to cut, new fuel-system valves to install in the Saab, and heads to remove from the Newport, but right now all I want to do is suck down a cold beverage and watch the robins gobble up the bugs that my mowing exposed.

Perhaps after cooling off a bit. Looks like a lawn again. One charming thing about my lawn, by the way, is that it sports a crop of teeny strawberries this time of year. I'm very popular with the bunnies.

Oh, and locals: Tonight, tmseay, I, and the usual suspects will hit Harbour Lights for some nice, cold brewskies. You're welcome to join.