September 4th, 2008


Astro-Movie of the Day: Phoenix films Martian ice-clouds

Wow, more visuals of water on Mars! Below is a short movie of the Martian sky filled with water-ice clouds similar to Earthly cirrus. In fact, lately the Phoenix lander has observed many such clouds nearby. Is water really so common on Mars? Well, not necessarily; because it's "warm" Martian summer now here near the north pole, lots of water-vapor evaporates to form clouds. Because summer's peak is nearing an end, Phoenix should soon see a decline in cloud-cover.

Still, coool! (Get it? Heh.)

Click the image to see the story.


Tornado! The dream.

Last night I dreamed about a ferocious storm hitting my neighborhood, only it wasn't University Place neighborhood but the area where I lived as a student in Lawrence. After huge, scary winds, a little tornado appeared, walking along the street in front of my place. Just then, a neighbor stopped by. He stood on the other side of the door, and I was shouting at him to come inside: "Tornado! Get inside! Lie down!"

He turned around, saw the twister, then promptly dashed inside and threw himself onto the floor. The tornado looked a bit like this:

That's all. No dream interpretation here.