September 24th, 2008

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"Slacker Uprising" free showing at Lawrence public library

Just got this notice. Looks cool:

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 24th - 7pm
Film Screening of Michael Moore's new movie "Slacker Uprising."
Presented by The Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice.

Location: Lawrence Public Library. Free admission.

"Slacker Uprising" traces Michael Moore's 62-city tour of the swing states during the 2004 Presidential election and records the thrilling - and frightening - response he received across the country.

Part concert tour, part stand-up comedy performance, and part rock concert, "Slacker Uprising" is an uplifting and patriotic look at the birth of a new political generation in America - a generation of young people who would signal the era of "Obamania" that would take place just four years later. Watch the trailer and read more.


The Next Dodge Viper Will Be Electric; the Chevy Volt Will Save the World

Whoah! America's most-powerful sports car and Chrysler's halo car will be going electric in its next incarnation. This will transform the 600+ horsepower, single-digit-mpg muscle car into a 200kW (268 horsepower), 480 pound-foot torque green machine. Wow, talk about personality change!

Click the image to see the story.

Chrysler's target is the Tesla sports car.

In other electric-car news (and more relevant to regular folks), the Chevy Volt will be out next year. Chevrolet finally unveiled the Volt, their plug-in electric car. It doesn't look exactly the same as the concept, due to aerodynamics necessary for it to go 40 miles on electricity alone, but it is still perhaps the most important car to come from Chevrolet in many decades... maybe ever. I believe this is the car that can not only save the company, but perhaps blow the Priuses of the world out of the market.

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Imagine: This car uses no gasoline for 40 miles, but still has a small gasoline engine to keep the batteries topped off. You have the freedom drive cross-country like a normal car or around town with zero emissions. Because we have many options for making electricity - including solar and other non-polluting renewables - this car could also be truly emissions-free.

Wowee, whatta time for car enthusiasts! This turns out to have been just the right time for the newest oil crisis. Last time, we got craptastic, 100-horsepower sedans that were ugly as sin. This time, we get sexy electrics.

Gas shortages? Bring 'em on!