November 4th, 2008

Little Prince

80 degrees Fahrenheit

Today's high temperature was 79°F. On November 3, which is almost winter unless I missed something. Eighty freaking degrees. I'm not kidding.

Right now, half past midnight, the temperature is 64°. Seriously.

According to Weather Underground, normal is 59° (high) 37° (low).

Beautiful and sunny day, lovely starry night on the drive home from class in Overland Park along dark Highway 10. I had to run the A/C in the car when I left town at 6pm.



Breaking News: Fungus Produces Diesel Fuel!

This could be huge, folks:

A fungus that lives inside trees in the Patagonian rain forest naturally makes a mix of hydrocarbons that bears a striking resemblance to diesel, biologists announced today. And the fungus can grow on cellulose, a major component of tree trunks, blades of grass and stalks that is the most abundant carbon-based plant material on Earth.

Also, this :

Because the fungus can manufacture what we would normally think of as components of crude oil, it casts some doubt on the idea that crude oil is a fossil fuel.

"It may be the case that organisms like this produced some — maybe not all — but some of the world's crude," Strobel said.

So we can actually eat our corn rather than make it into fuel, then toss the sticks and leaves into our vats of fuel-making fungus.

In the immortal words of Keanu Reeves, "Whoah."

President Obama

Obama WINS!

Woohoooo! Woooohooooo!

Did you hear his speech? I am so proud to be an American right now, and finally - FINALLY - I'll be able to listen to presidential speeches and not be embarrassed for living in a country that elected someone like Bush. Because, my friends, this country has elected someone worthy of making speeches to the world, someone we can be proud to call our leader.

It's a great day in America.