November 17th, 2008

Bush dollar

from the theoretical to the mundane

Still thinking through all the great comments you made on my last post about the meaning of life (more accurately, perhaps, "the purpose of life"). I'll be making at least one follow-up soon.

Today I called the IRS and discovered, due to someone (likely someone at the IRS) not transposing an amount from one document to my 1040, that no, I won't be getting my "Stimulus Payment" this year. It'll instead be tacked on to next year's "Recovery Rebate" (did you know we were getting that?).

See, because of that error, my tax filing changed to an "amended" filing. Only the original filing determines whether or not one got the original Stimulus Payment, regardless of how much one actually made. (The IRS somehow figured that I earned in excess of $200k. Yeah.) It also meant that I didn't get my expected refund until last month.

Next year, while those of you who got your stimulus money will be getting a little bit more in the form of this Recovery Rebate from the Feds in hopes that you spend it on lasting economic progress, I'll be getting that plus the new buckies.

Thus I'll be rich next Spring, assuming I submit my taxes right away. And that neither I nor the IRS screw up again. In which case there is no such thing as a free lunch. Or two.