December 4th, 2008

Bush dollar

Bratz and Barbie Battle to the Death... Barbie FTW!

Srsly? A judge is supporting one brand over another? Am I missing something?

"Waaah! My name is Barbie and my monopoly has shrunk 15%! I blame that Yasmin floozy and her dirty friends."

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"Hey, little lady, don't you worry. I'll stop those evildoers. U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson to the rescue!"

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"Hey, you jerks! This was a fair fight! If the skank couldn't compete, well, that's what we call capitalizm, beotches."

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"Sorry, you lose," sez da Judge. "How's about you stop manufacturing, recall all your existing product, and pay your retailers to send it all back to you. Oh, and how's about doing it right now, before the Christmas season."

"Ha ha! I win!"


"Oh, and Barbie, about that blowjob you promised..."

"Just kidding! Heee!"