February 25th, 2009

Comet 17P/Holmes

Astro-Image of the Day: Comet Lulin Loses One of Its "Tails"

Here's a photo of the comet, taken last night by amateur astronomer John Nassr from his private observatory in the Philippines:

Click the image to see the story and more amateur photos.

Note how different it looks from its double-tailed version per yesterday's post. It's still green, though, and still blowing 800 gallons of water per second into space.

SpaceWeather.com also offers a fantastic map for tracking the comet. Here's a tiny-fied version:

Click the image to see a much-larger version of this map.

Sickness crushed my hopes to view it last night - I slept for nearly 12 hours - but tonight I shall endure! Feeling a lot better today, anyhow, so if class doesn't absolutely destroy me, I'll be out with my telescope and astro-camera late tonight. Hope y'all can, too!


Legal tip to delay or even avoid foreclosure

verminiusrex suggests a way to delay foreclosure long enough to get your finances in order:

"Demand to see the note that proves that the mortgage company is owed the money. With so many trades and mortgages being bought in bulk, the companies often don't know where the paperwork is, so saying 'Produce the note' can apparently delay some foreclosures, since the companies are going to go after easier pickings first. Lawyers say that it's a good stalling tactic that may work to get finances in order, but eventually they usually find an electronic copy that is accepted in court."

I hope that none of you are facing this problem, but if you or someone you know is, this might help. Spread the word!