September 18th, 2009

T-Rex baby

tiny T. Rex!

Paleontologists have identified a 125-million-year-old T. Rex relative. A dude digging in northern China discovered it and turned it over to science when he realized it was something important. It's only nine feet long but is built just like its descendant:

Click the image to see the NPR story.

This throws scientists for a loop, because the prevailing theory is that the big T. Rex's huge head, short arms, long legs, and other features evolved over time as it grew bigger. But this little guy has those features, too. Huh!

"Raptor Rex" (as it's being called) is truly tiny - about the weight of a human, only longer because of the tail. The T. Rex we all know and love was 100 times as massive.

Welcome, Raptor Rex!