March 9th, 2010

To infinity and BEYOND!

The good and the bad.

I've ridden an emotional roller-coaster over the last 24 hours:

Good: My job is funded next year, despite massive layoffs at the University of Kansas.
Bad: They cut my summer salary for this year, despite its being my busiest time of the year.

Good: Fetish-Kitty's illness has been diagnosed and treatment has begun - she's already feeling better.
Bad: Waking to find bloody urine in the bathroom before hearing the diagnosis.

Good: Catching up with high school friends. Facebook serves a purpose.
Bad: The reason we're getting in touch is that we lost a dear friend, Tim Haukos, in a small house fire.

A little about Tim: He played Oscar in Ortonville High School's production of "The Odd Couple" (I played Murray the cop and did set-building and special effects). He performed humorous speeches for our Forensics team and fought fiercely for our Debate team. He helped me build and launch rockets for the Ortonville Space Program (including one that made it at least 30 feet into the air before gloriously exploding - hence the icon choice). We played countless games of chess after school in his living room. He once performed a flawless imitation of a fountain-cherub in the entryway to my parents' house. I'm not sure if he got me in more trouble or vice-versa. He was hilarious and kind, crazy and well-liked. Tim was troubled in many ways - partly why I loved him.

RIP, Tim. Here's hoping you find some peace.