May 21st, 2010

Fight Club, Calvin & Hobbs

Grading complete!

...thus officially ending my Spring 2010 semester! Just graded 78 final projects this week, plus a whole lotta late papers. Here was my semester's teaching load:

English Course
362: Foundations of Technical Writing
Lawrence Campus
362: Foundations of Technical Writing
Edwards Campus
562: Advanced Technical Writing
564: Advanced Technical Editing
563: Advanced Technical Editing II
507: Science, Technology, & Society:
Examining the Future Through a Science-Fiction Lens
506: Science Fiction
Two MA thesis committees

And other teaching-related stuff, of course, along with editing a magazine, building a website with exclusive content for said magazine, administrative work for the KUTC program and CSSF, reading for the Campbell Award jury, wrangling stories for the Sturgeon Award jury, and trying to finish my novel edits. Oh, and once in a while I tried to have a life. Ha!

Never again shall I undertake such a heavy load - the only reason I did it this semester was that I was concerned that budgetary issues might mean KU would cut my position. This concern turned out not to be unfounded; however, one has to schedule courses a year or so in advance, so... viola! Tons o' classes!

Summer, here I come! This summer, I only have the following responsibilities:

Hope your summer is a grand one.