May 28th, 2010

NASA Chris, smiling Chris 2009

Off to ConQuest!

ConQuest is Kansas City's annual spec-fic convention, something I look forward to each year. Click here to see this year's guests.

My schedule:

Today (Friday), 4:00pm, in the Pershing Reading Lounge (or maybe Choutaeu, if I'm sharing with other Hadley Rille authors):
Reading: “Trancendence” An Excerpt

Today, 6:00pm, in Empire C:
Hadley Rille Book panel (including more readings)
Authors: Chambers, Gastreich, me, Murray, and digital Schoen.

Today, 7:00pm, in the Main Programming room:
Opening Ceremonies

Room parties!

Saturday, 11:00am, in the Main Programming room:
"Decline of the Written Empire: A Peek into the Campbell Conference"
This round-table discussion was designed to simulate part of the Campbell Conference we run each year in Lawrence, and includes 16 of the guests, including guest of honor Michael Swanwick. Should be cool!

Saturday, 2:00pm, in Empire C:
"Does Size Matter?"
(Beats me, but sounds fun!)
With James K. Burk, Jan Gephardt, and Dana Bell

Saturday night:
Room Con with James Hollaman

Sunday, 1:00pm, in Main Programming:
"The Science in Science Fiction"
With Michael Swanwick, Lynette Burrows, and Tori Weisskopf.

We'll also have an AboutSF panel on teaching SF that I might be on - not sure! Check the programming booklet.

Hope to see you there!