October 29th, 2010


Weather-Porn of the Day: "Chiclone" over the Midwest

Wow, this is amazing. The massive storm that caused the huge storms all across the country earlier this week set a new record for low pressure in a non-tropical storm in the continental U.S. with a minimum central pressure of 28.24" or 956 mb, the equivalent of a Category 3 hurricane. Extratropical storms like this one occur in the spring and fall when the temperature differential between the north of the country and the south of the country is greater. This week's storm produced 24 tornado reports, severe thunderstorms, blizzard conditions, hundreds of thousands of power outages, and winds that reached 77 mph.

Shades of Day After Tomorrow.

Thanks, Bamm!


Boiling hot, just the way you like it!

Having friends over tonight, carving pumpkins, sipping Irish coffee, playing Starcraft II. It's a good life ;-)

Here's what we've done so far!

After two days of Halloweenie parties, here's the final collection of pumpkins on my front porch:

Artists, starting at the top left: me, Matt M.; bottom left: Dan, Miles, Megan, Court. Note: Two days later, and they're looking pretty ragged. Apparently, squirrels like pumpkin....

Hope you had a grand weekend.