November 8th, 2010

Little Prince

Astro-Porn of the Day: Spacecraft Visits Comet Hartley2

Wow, you know how I use the term "amazing" when making these Astro-Porn of the Day posts? Well... WOW! Here's some more amazingness! This photo of Comet Hartley 2 was taken by NASA's EPOXI spacecraft at a distance of only 435 miles. Notice the outgassing and just all-around coolness and dramaticosity of this shot:

Click the image to see the EPOXI news page.

And if that's not dramatic enough for you, how about a little time-accelerated Quicktime movie showing the hour of closest approach:

Video by NASA/JPL-Caltech/UMD/Brown University.

NASA sez: "This animation of the flyby is made of 40 photos taken from the spacecraft's Medium-Resolution Instrument during the encounter. The first image was taken at about 37 minutes before the time of closest approach at a distance of about 27,350 kilometers (17,000 miles). The last image was taken 30 minutes after closest approach at a distance of 22,200 kilometers (13,800 miles). The spacecraft was able to image nearly 50 percent of the comet's illuminated surface in detail."

What you're seeing right here is a series of photographs taken by a spacecraft we sent to a FREAKING COMET! Does it get much cooler than that? Well, actually, I'm fairly certain we'll see something within months that makes me think that again, and of course a few months later we'll have more, and so on and so on.


Daruma sees

Updatery stuff...

This weekend, I:

. Fixed the radiator leak under the Saab's hood.
. Finally washed that poor, filthy car.
. Fixed another leak, this one in my toilet.
. Installed a new seal under my garage door.
. Started installing insulation on said door.
. Put away the garage dehumidifier/AC and replaced it with the regular dehumidifier.

It's a book! Holding the one and only existing hardcover at the release event.

Audience at the book-launch. That's SF Grand Master James Gunn on the left side, for whom I wrote this book in the first place. Thanks for coming, everyone!

Reading at the book launch in Jayhawk Ink, at the University of Kansas student union, in Lawrence, Kansas, on Friday, Nov. 5, 2010.

My editor, Eric T. Reynolds, snapped this shot in front of the Jayhawk Ink bookstore, a few days before the official release event.

TRANSCENDENCE release after-party, with MellyStu being trouble. Note how Daruma still has only one colored-in eye... that was about to change.

TRANSCENDENCE among some of my short stuff, on my bookshelves, at the release party.

Daruma finally sees TRANSCENCENCE published! An event 10 years in the making.
Click the photo to open a full-size image of the complete hardcover dustjacket. Art by Greg Martin, cover design by Melissa Lytton.

If you want to check out the book, click here to read sample chapters and stuff. Now available at fine bookstores and online dealers such as Amazon (hardcover and trade paper) and Powell's (trade paper only). Or order directly from the publisher at a nice discount with free shipping: Hadley Rille Books.

I cannot begin to describe how pleased I am. *beam*

Here's wishing you a fine day. Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who attended the reading, signing, and party. You made it an Event of Awesomeness™.