February 10th, 2011


You want cold? I gotcher cold right here.

Like NEGATIVE-BAZILLION degrees cold, is what!

Click the image to see the Lawrence, KS, forecast courtesy of Weather.com.

(That's in Fahrenheit, folks.)

I was wondering why the furnace kept running and running tonight. Now I know. I'm not happier possessing this knowledge. In weather like this, don't forget to open your under-sink cupboard doors to ensure that the pipes don't freeze. Same goes for any pipes near outer walls: Expose 'em to inside air! This morning, my walk-in attic (where I store extra wine and soda-pop) was 32°F, and the very edge of the attic (where the roofline meets the front-porch ceiling) was just over 20°F. Yes, I have one of those nifty laser temperature sensors, why do you ask?

Brrrr. Going to bed now.

FSM fresco

No, colder than that.

That Weather.com forecast I posted last night? Well, they got the windchill forecast right at -18°F but were way off on pre-windchill temps: Between 2am and 6am, actual temperatures hovered at -12°F here in Lawrence, KS.

How in the frozen hells did the native tribes and especially early pioneers survive the winters here, thousands of miles from stores where they might purchase Duraflame™ logs to warm their sod huts?

Oh, yeah, they often didn't.