August 4th, 2011

write hard die free

Making writers into ROCK STARS.

WHO WANTS TO BE MY MUTHAF*%$IN' LITERARY ENEMY? Let's do it like the writer-heroes of old.

Click the badass photo of Ernest Hemingway to see the Terrible Minds article.

And who has a suggestion about I can most appropriately rock-star myself? I ain't afraid of THE MAN.

(Hilarious article, by the way. I feel a book-burning coming on...)

RenFaire Chris

Summer grading = DONE!

Woohoo! And just in time, too: My Dad is coming for a few-day visit this evening, and tomorrow is the Douglas County demolition derby. FREEDOM! SUMMER CRAZINESS IS OVER! This means I get to work on my hot-rod Newport full-time for... a week or so! Then time to start prepping for fall classes.

What do you think: Should I totally ignore my KU email for the next week or two? Treat it like a real vacation?