August 17th, 2011

1966 Newport

Hot-Rod Newport build progress part 2

A few more details to add to yesterday's Hot-Rod Newport update:

To install a crankshaft balancer (the round, silver thing just behind the Crescent wrench), one needs specialized tools. In this case, that included a balancer-installer: essentially a threaded shaft with a flat spot on one end for a wrench and three pieces on the other end (plate, bearing, and bolt) to press the balancer onto the crankshaft snout. Once the shaft threads into the crankshaft (into the hole where the pulley-bolt goes), one holds the shaft still with a small wrench while cranking down like you wouldn't believe with a HUGE wrench, in this case a monstrous Crescent wrench:

This next shot demonstrates how to install the heater-hose tubes into the top of the new aluminum water pump housing: A big, flat tool that fits into the notch is handy! After loosely assembling everything, I gave it a couple coats of clearcoat to prevent future oxidation and dirt accumulation:

Here's what the vintage Edelbrock DP4B intake manifold looked like when it arrived, after removing the carburetor spacer (no room for it beneath hood). Nice condition but grungy:

And here's what it looks like after soda-blasting, priming, and painting. The aluminum-colored paint matches the color of the raw aluminum beneath, only without the stains:

Today, after I finish teaching-related work, I hope to get the alternator mounted, attach the throttle, and start plumbing the fuel lines!

EDIT: Just finished setting up websites, Blackboard sites, and syllabi for five Fall 2011 courses. WHEW. Time for some wrenchin'!