September 1st, 2011

skeleton bicyclist

Hot-Rod Newport build progress for August 31

No new photos tonight, but made more progress since my pre-class post:

  • Cleaned and painted driver's-side rear brake drum, then installed that wheel.

  • Cleaned and painted driver's-side front brake drum; it's drying now.

  • Cleaned and painted A/C unit.

  • Cut and installed heater hoses.

  • Cut and installed and primed fuel line from fuel pump to carburetor (primed carb, too).

  • Created and installed heat shield for starter (driver's-side header was almost touching there, too). Of course, this meant loosening the header from the head and re-torquing same.

  • Moved coil from firewall to stock position on intake manifold (don't ask).

  • Installed vacuum lines for PCV breather, power brakes, vacuum advance, and something that sucks from the dash.

  • Installed driver's-side exhaust.

  • Set up for block coolant-flush tomorrow.

  • Attached misc. wires (and repaired a couple that had been mouse-gnawed).

  • Sealed oil dipstick where it mounts into engine block. I was concerned about the odd fit.

  • Went through many bolts and clamps, tightening - and discovered a couple of loose ones and one nut that was completely missing.

  • Yoinked the old exhaust out from under the car - which meant Sawzall time!

Tomorrow: Flush the block to rid it of the cruddy, most likely rusty, coolant; cut to fit and install the spark-plug wires (ceramic-tipped to protect from where they'll touch the headers); install main power to the starter (which has been a PITA, requiring cutting and such); install the oil-pressure and water-temperature gauges... and light 'er up!

...which will likely lead to a quick shut-down to fix leaks. Then fire 'er back up again and set the timing. Hopefully (OH PLEASE) it won't need a valve adjustment or any major surgery. Then I just cross my fingers that the front-wheel spacers arrive in time to bolt 'em on before the 11th annual Kowtown Custom Greaserama show!

Now I'm freakin' tired and need to eat.