October 5th, 2011

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Argentus celebrates the Neptunian anniversary

Oh, geez! I just realized that I never shared this publication with y'all: Argentus: Neptune, 2011, Special Edition (opens the full .pdf of the issue):

Cover by MO Starkey; click the image to open the .pdf of the issue.

Argentus: Neptune

A Celebration of the first anniversary of the discovery of the planet Neptune, this issue includes work from Mike Brotherton, Michael A. Burstein, Brother Guy Consolmagno, SJ, Marianne Dyson, Kurt Erichsen, Brad W. Foster, Heidi Hammel, Bill Higgins, Sue Mason, Chris McKitterick, Christian Ready, Steven H Silver, MO Starkey, Steve Stiles, and Diane Turnshek. This issue is only available online.

Contents for Argentus: Neptune:
  • One [Neptunian] Year Ago, Steven H Silver

  • Neptunian Nomenclature, Steven H Silver

  • A Brief Description of the Planet Neptune, Michael A. Burstein

  • Neptune, Marianne Dyson

  • Neptune, Triton, and the Sensawunda; or Why I Set My Novel (Partly) at the Edge of the Solar System, Chris McKitterick

  • Triton and the Satellites, Mike Brotherton

  • Discovery of Neptune’s Thirteen Moons, Diane Turnshek

  • Phone Call from a Turquoise Giant, Bill Higgins

  • Unlocking Neptune ’s Secrets with the Hubble Space Telescope, Christian Ready

  • Neptune’s First Birthday, Br. Guy Consolmagno & Heidi Hammel

Argentus is Steven H. Silver's Hugo-nominated fanzine, with issues running back to 2001 - all still available for download or paper purchase at his website.

Argentus: Neptune is full of great stuff celebrating Neptune, and it's free to download!