April 26th, 2012

mad scientist Chris

More Crossfit Craziness.

Okay, for those of you following along at home, last night's workouts:
  • Warmup:
    • First, frog-walks (I think they're called), where you put your hands behind you and walk hand-foot about 50 feet as fast as you can, then walk backwards to the starting point.

    • Now stand up and run about twice as far like normal, except with each step tap your knees into your hands, held out straight in front of you. WHOAH TIRING.

    • Run back, but this time whacking your behind with your heels with each step.

    • Now fast-step running back and forth. By now if you're not seriously out of breath, you're a god.

  • After drinking some water and catching one's breath (no more than a few seconds, really), move on to learning how to do deadlifts. Here's Brandon Cox (normalcyispasse) setting a world record for this movement:

    (I am not ashamed to say that I lifted nowhere near that amount. Only gods can.)
    • Start with working on form by lifting just the bar itself, about 45 lbs.

    • Now they have you add some poundage; for me, that was 30 kg (about 110 lbs total). Work on form, especially keeping back straight, knees in good squat postion (as I described yesterday). For me, a special difficulty was not compensating for the f'ed-up shoulder; I kept using a shrug to keep the joint in place. Got better. Do 5 reps.

    • Now swap the 15 kg weights for 25 kg (total 155 lbs). Do 5 reps.

    • Add 20 lbs, 5 reps.

    • Add another 20 lbs (195 lbs total), 5 reps. At this point, the coach said he normally has people go to their max weight for 1 rep, but was worried about my shoulder and just had me do another set of reps.

  • Drink water.

  • Jump-rope time. Discovered my rope was too short because I couldn't do more than a few at a time; the handles should touch the top of your armpits when standing on the rope. Do about a million, aiming for double passes for each jump. My form was crap; you want to use only your wrists to whip the rope and only your calves to bounce up and down. I haven't jumped rope since high school, and it showed!

  • Now wall-ball. Basically, you hold a medicine-ball (soft leather ball about 18" wide, and the ones we used were either 14 or 16 pounds) to your chest, do a squat, and on the up-thrust launch the ball up about 12 feet to an X on the wall. It bounces off, and you catch it on the down movement. Repeat a billion times, all the while maintaining good form, going below horizontal to touch your bum on a second ball behind you. Whoah.

  • Now we did toe-to-ring:
    • Position a pair of gymnast rings just out of reach so you have to jump to hold them.

    • Squeeze your abs and bring your toes up into the rings above your hands.

    • Extend back down, then using a "kipping" or swinging movement, drive your feet back up into the rings. The kipping keeps up the momentum so you can do them faster and maintain high aerobic energy. The warm-up was about 10 or so.

  • "Warm-up?" you ask? Why, yes, this was all in prep for the Workout of the Day (WoD):
    • 10 toe-to-ring. Let me tell you how not-easy this becomes after the second set - which comes after 40 minutes of hardcore warm-up.

    • 20 jump-rope (or 10 double-jumps; I'm lucky to be able to do 20 regular ones in a row without tripping on the damned rope).

    • 10 ball-to-wall. Not so bad, except keeping good form is rough when you can barely stand or move your arms.

    • Repeat AMR (as many set-reps as possible): The goal was 3 sets minimum over 7 minutes; we all did 3, and the others got almost 4, but I slowed way down and barely managed the jump-rope and wall-ball of the 4th set. Wish I hadn't eaten my tuna salad so soon before I went there, as I was getting close to tasting it again....

And then we all look like this for a while:

Afterward, we did cool-down stretches (tons of 'em) and finished gallons of water.

There you have it! Interestingly, though this was KICK ASS HARD (I urge you to try this at home and see what I mean), I'm nowhere near as sore today as I was last week.

It gets better™!