May 24th, 2012

Transcendence reading, smiling Chris 2010

Writing progress, and a chance to be Tuckerized.

Getting ready to head to Prospero's for the book-signing event with a bunch of Hadley Rille folks. Yes, I'm leaving early to avoid traffic in downtown KC. Bringing the laptop so I can (try to) work there in some quiet corner.

Adventures of Jack and Stella progress:

(If you saw my post late last night, you'll notice that the target word-count has jumped up a bit since then. This is because I added the Appendixes to the novel word-count, and they'll end up at around 5000 words when complete.)

Oh! And I've decided to donate to the ConQuest Charity Auction a "Tuckerization" in the novel! Wanna see your name in print? Drop by the Charity Auction table.

EDIT: The Prospero's thing was a blast - thanks everyone for coming! Did a bit more writing, but mostly revising; at the end of the day, writing progress stands at: