Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

how I spent my first days back at work

I just did a tally; I created or revised/updated the following over the past few days:

* 34 class web pages at a quick count, holy mackerel! Some of those are for external viewing (see here), but most are for paying-student-eyes only.
* 4 Center for the Study of SF web pages.
* 4 class syllabi.
* 46 handouts.
* 46 assignments (coincidental number, not directly related).
* 4 spreadsheets of all my students' contact information.
* Wrote to all of them to let them know where they can download these goodies.
* Answered 56 outstanding work-related emails that had been awaiting spare intellectual energy.
* A bunch of personal processing, all very difficult and challenging.
* Other stuff I can't recall.

Busy week!

Tomorrow I write to all the Sturgeon Award nominators, inviting their nominations, and to Tor to find out why they didn't nominate anything for the Campbell Award.

Tags: cssf, ku, teaching, work

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