Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Sophia (Mousie) update

I've mentioned before that Sophia is not as healthy as she used to be; she had an episode in the Fall that made me worry about her. She got shaky and wouldn't eat, wouldn't run; well, I put the oil-filled space heater near her cage and she seemed to get better! Arthritis, maybe? For months, she's spent 90% of her waking hours spinning her wheel or monkey-bar-climbing under her screen-ceiling.

Unfortunately, today when I went home for dinner, she was doing that again: She was so sore that she even let me pat her as she nestled under her litter (I've never tried to hand-train her, though she does take food from one's fingers). I gave her fresh food, offered her some of her favorites right next to her nose: She wiggled her snout a little, but wouldn't eat. She came out a little later, and I gave her a slice of apple. That got her appetite going - she ate a big piece of apple! - but she's not doing very well. Here's hoping she gets better by tomorrow again.

Isn't this silly? Getting so attached to a mouse? But she's lived with me for more than two years now. I'm going to cry and cry when she dies, and I don't want it to be for a while yet.

Be kind to rodent-Americans for a while, okay?

Tags: pets

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