Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

squirrels love nuts!

The cutest thing: Just outside the window of my house, about 15 feet back, is the garage roof. Hanging beneath the eve on this end is a tall, cylindrical bird feeder. For the second day now, a particular squirrel - a determined little fella - has been trying to figure out how to get those sunflower seeds inside the feeder.

Today he sat in the gutter for a while, looking at me, all innocent-like. When I sat down at the computer (I guess far enough away from the window that he couldn't see me), he reached over the edge of the gutter and began examining the hook and hanger. At one point, he clung to the gutter with his hind legs and streeeeetched out his back, sort of hangin there for a while. Then he grabbed the hanger, and you could watch his thinking process: "Hm, that's a pretty acute angle; I'll be reaching behind my back, bending backwards. Hm, and it's pretty far down to the ground if I slip." He hung there for a few more seconds, then pulled himself back up onto the garage roof and scampered off.


Oh, and more cuteness: Tatsuko just brought me one of her Sparklemice to throw for her. Weee! Animal fun-ness in the morning! What a fine day, sunny and full of charming animals. Here's wishing you a good day.

Tags: pets, urban wildlife

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