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stoopid cold

Headcold, ache-y. Feh. Drove Chernobylred around on errands today, because she is more ache-y and shouldn't drive herself around. In what, you ask? Well...

We were followed home yesterday by a 1972 Ford LTD Country Squire station wagon. It's for Kij to haul around Taiko drums, a Saab replacement (basically) but with lots more room and oomph. Motivation comes from a souped-up 400ci engine, which is much fun and is necessary for hauling drums. Really. They're pretty heavy, so of course they need 400+ horsepower to do so. Sheesh. It's pretty ratty now, but Kij has asked me to nice it up a bit before starting the LVoD. Wanna see?

front (before replacing bumper)
engine (cuz that's the important part)
info (and links to movies, which'll overload the server in about 10 seconds)

Door lock knobs are dice, as is the lighter handle and the fuzzies hanging from the rear-view. Plus flaming skulls on the side windows. Don't forget the Scooby-Doo bobble head on the dash (anyone a Scooby fan...?) or the MoonEyes foot-accelerator pedal.

Hee hee. Makes a really lovely, nasty sound at what I'm guessing is 3000 RPM, "brrraaaaaap!" That'll wake up the neighbors.


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