Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

What a lovely day, goodbye VW, and mousies!

So it's just about 70 degrees and sunny outside, and I couldn't bear come into the office until about 4pm. Went out to lunch with some Department people and a faculty candidate, then looked for an excuse to scoot around town in the lovely, lovely weather. I thought, "Hmm, it's been long enough since Sophia died that she's had a chance to pick a new mouse body if she wants, so let's see if Pet World has any baby mice." I scooted over and lo and behold, they had mice! But only one girl mouse (that'll be the black-and-brown one in the photo). So I then scooted out to PetCo ("Where the Pets Go"TM) and picked out a little white mouse to be her friend.
You smell interesting!
So they're cousins this time around instead of sisters!
They like to play on the wheel, but the black mouse is a bit bigger than the white mouse, and (like Spot and Sophia had done) they tend to go in opposite directions on the wheel, so mostly the little white mouse gets rides from the black mouse.
She's also a bit more shy and startle-prone, doing everything carefully. Tatsuko says, "Mice are nice."
Mice are nice.

In other news, I sold my VW convertible to Brett, my neighbor across the street who played Judas (and the drums) in the "Jesus Christ, Superstar" show from last weekend. After the cast party, I guess he decided he wanted the car, so yesterday we went for a nice drive through the countryside south of Lawrence, during which he said, "This is exactly what I want. I'll buy it!" So I can visit the car right across the street! The show was great, by the way, so if you missed it they'll be in Kansas City next week and hope to go to Topeka at some point.

Good day!
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