Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

I feel like week-old soup today

Gaming with friends yesterday was much fun, as was watching the parade on Friday with friends and then hanging out with them and watching them get drunk. However, I seem to have picked up a new bug recently, because I seem to be more than just experiencing allergies. Crap. Didn't I already do this a couple of weeks ago? I'm a bit tired of it.

Last night had a terrible dream that lasted for-damned-ever: I had to strangle my mouse to death, because she was dying and in pain. I put my fingers around her tiny neck and squeezed where I felt a pulse. She was so sick that she didn't even wake up during this, but when I removed my fingers after a few minutes, I saw her open her mouth and begin to gasp, sort of wake up, but now in pain. So I had to do it again, then a third time - after which she started struggling a bit, opening and closing her mouth, clawing at my hands. I wondered if she had turned out to be not as sick as I'd feared but realized that I had probably caused her brain damage by now, so I couldn't just stop what I was doing. I was crying so hard in my dream, having to do this but not being able to, wishing I had gone to the vet to have them put her to sleep instead of trying to do it myself.

Woke up all stressed and sweaty; it was a fever-nightmare. Comfort was Tatsuko asleep beside me. I patted her and she began to purr immediately. She's sneezing a lot lately, so I'm thinking we both have the same bug. Harumph.

I think today I'm going to just pull up my comfy chair in front of the TV and watch a DVD or three. Wish I had more in the house to eat than sandwich-makings... oh, wait, I do have cheez-beans. And chopped tomatoes. Sounds like lunch!

Which reminds me: I haven't eaten yet today, been up for a few hours. I hate it when I feel like this and forget to eat. Only got about six hours of sleep last night, on top of everything.

Okay, {/whining}


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