Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

scarin' the yuppish locals

I realized that following LJ discussions can be kinda weird and easily missed; I wanted to share this:

Chernobylred said (about the new rat-rod '72 Ford wagon), "But it's a blast to ride in. Especially when you get to scare the suburban wives in their BMW SUV."

I said:
HA! I loved that moment. It was like in the movies:

Two blondie-30ish types in their pristine white BMW SUV. Me, Kij, and chernobylred in the beater wagon. The light turns green. We're side-by side for a while, until the cam "kicks in" (oh, yes, you can tell through those glasspacks). Suddenly, the prissy girls hurry to get ahead, so Kij and chernobylred urge me to "put them into our cone of exhaust noise." After so doing, the SUV suddenly slows down and backs off some 100 yards behind us.

Good ol'-fashioned anarchistic fun! I shoulda had this thing when I was 16. And 18. And with the Moisturizers. And so forth.


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