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... I'd say 13.

If you don't read Bob Howe's LJ (he's a fine writer of essays and fiction), at least read this clear and insightful piece about Bush's plan to create his End Times by nuking Iran.

Even wacked-out neocon radical evangelical Christians can't support him anymore, can they? I mean, except those idealogical whole-country-suicide-bombers who hope that "Left Behind" happens soon.



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Apr. 13th, 2006 08:05 pm (UTC)
Indeedy. In fact, they're so evil that they were setting off my Vile-O-Meter before the scumsuckers set foot anywhere near the White House, we're talking many moons in advance. And of course all my Good Christian co-workers were convinced I was overreacting. Yes, indeedy doodly. I'd love to send them all dreams of walking through fields piled high with the corpses amassed during this "man"s watch.

And evert time I start to feel a little less alarmed about US christians, and think, "No, they're not all looking forward to Armageddon like a teenager sprinting for a stack of Hustlers", they do more stuff to squick me out.
Apr. 14th, 2006 07:53 am (UTC)
Yeah, that whole prescription-filling-denied based on someone's religion; what if a Christian Scientist, just bear with me here, what if a Christian Scientist took a job as a pharmacist. Could they just deny EVERYONE their medicine and then fail to be fired because their behavior is in line with their religious beliefs?

What about antibiotics for a case of VD? Or AIDS meds? Clearly someone somewhere has been promiscuous, maybe they don't deserve to get healthy, either!

It would be great, I long for the day, for this horseshit to get taken to the Supreme Court (well, maybe not the current Supreme Court lineup) and have them deem whether or not it is OK for one person to arbitrarily be able to decide whether or not another person receives the meds they need.

I am pretty sure there are lots of Christian cops out there, and I seem to recall that there is a commandment against killing, but somehow I suspect that the cops, in the line of fire, are able to do their job and not have a metaphysical crisis over it, at least not in the moment where it counts.

The amazing thing is the pharmacist took the prescription, and then called the person back to let them know they had found out who they are before telling them that they were refusing to do their job. Honestly, this is stuff that should be in the JOB INTERVIEW: "Will you unerringly honor the prescriptions of doctors for their patients, no matter the cause of illness?" No? Then they are NOT QUALIFIED.

I say these superstitionists don't have anything that couldn't be cured with a good bleeding and a Full Course of Leeches.
Apr. 13th, 2006 11:20 pm (UTC)
You know what the most scary thing is though? What if Iran is the right place? What if everything that was falsely said about the case for war in Iraq is actually true in Iran? What if they develop nuclear weapons? It's almost the same distance from Tehran to London as it is from San Diego to New York. What if squandering every sense of political, military, diplomatic options was wasted on that big favor to the Saudi royal family and Halliburton means that true evil, that the ability to make everything go to hell in a handbasket actually happens?
Apr. 14th, 2006 07:42 am (UTC)
I am reminded of Bush sounding a lot like Chicken Little, or the Boy Who Cried Wolf, but there are apparently fairly smart people around who fear this possibility.


However, I have to wonder, how much less would the Middle Easterners hate the US if we hadn't run roughshod into one of the countries based on bad evidence, occupied it, and failed to either apologize for the clear mistake (where Bush changed the entire reason for going to war, after the fact, from WMDs to freeing Iraq), or to have any kind of plan to withdraw... This is just clear imperialism in the case of Iraq now; no wonder any neighboring countries might be getting nervous.

And now I read language that says that Bush sees "freeing" or "liberating" Iraq as his legacy.

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