Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

a tag meme: beware!

I was tagged to do this meme by astartes_girdle. How it works: Once you've been tagged, you write an entry with six (6) facts (trivia or serious stuff) about yourself. Then you choose six (6) people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs, eh? So, six facts about me:
  1. I get very attached to my pets, but only after living with them long enough that I think they'll live for a while. Unfortunately, my current mouse has a tumor on her hip the size of a small mouse but lived through the initial period, so I'll be very sad when she dies too young.

  2. I was born in a naval hospital and all of my medical care until I was about 10 was taken care of by the US military. Scary.

  3. I much prefer to watch movies with friends and/or loved ones. That hasn't stopped me from buying more DVDs, though, so I have gradually fallen behind and own about twice as many unwatched DVDs as watched. I think I might begin hosting a Science Fiction Movie Night at my place this summer, or else I'll get impossibly behind.

  4. NASCAR racing bothers me. Those are not "stock" cars. When they were the kinds of cars one could "watch win on Sunday and buy on Monday" as they used to say, NASCAR was interesting. Now it's just a morbid spectator sport of waiting for the next crash as identical cars vie for draft position *yawn*.

  5. I really love teaching. I think I might love it more than writing, which is why I have done more of one than the other lately.

  6. My most religious experiences have come at the eyepiece of a telescope, or beneath the stars after having seen the heavens close-up through the telescope, after having lifted the veil of darkness.
After having utilized a highly scientific method of selection (it involved 20-sided dice), I tag you (by the way, feel free to do this even if you weren't tagged, as my method was pretty random):
Tags: astronomy, teaching, the self

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