Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Award news! Campbell and Sturgeon Award finalists announced...

Hi folks -

(I'm making lots of posts today, aren't I? Yes, I've been working all day on CSSF stuff.) Note that all the links on this page open in the same window: This is to avoid opening a whole lotta windows on your computer, but I wanted to clarify so you didn't wonder what the heck.

The time has come! Today we are announcing the finalists for the Campbell Award here, and the Sturgeon Award here. Go to this page for a description of the Campbell Award and its selection process, and this one for the Sturgeon Award and its selection process. Go to this page to see the trophies.

The awards will be presented to the winners of both Awards during the Campbell Conference, held at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. This page describes the Conference (note that it will undergo updates over the next month).

Are you coming to this year's Conference? Let me know soon for discount rates. Hope to see you then if not sooner!

Tags: cssf, ku, science fiction

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