Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

Tatsuko loves hamsters!

So I'm babysitting a friend's hamster, Key, who is unafraid of tatsuko_shikibu. Last night, I put Key into her hamster ball and let her roll around the house. Tatsuko was oblivious at first until Key made it into the kitchen (Tatsuko spends her evenings at the back door, keeping watch for the evil boy cat who comes by at night).

As you can imagine, Tatsuko was FASCINATED, watching Key run around the house for an hour.
Hey! What are you?

La-la-la, Key rolled into walls, around the bicycle, off the bookshelves, against the walls and doors, over carpets and rugs, all the time under close observation from Tatsuko:
Dad, did you really let a rodent loose in our house?

Sometimes Key would roll directly into Tatsuko, startling her, but never scaring her off; Tatsuko never tried to break into the ball - I'm not sure exactly what she was thinking! I think I might get a hamster after the little brown-black mouse joins her sisters in the backyard burial plot. This is too much fun.

Tags: pets

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