Chris McKitterick (mckitterick) wrote,
Chris McKitterick

no more mousies

I took the little black-and-brown mousey to the vet today to have her put to sleep. I have been ready for her to go for a while, but only REALLY ready today. The big tumor didn't seem to have been causing her pain until yesterday, when she would take the cheeze treats out of my hand but would not eat them. I put a handful of food and a cheez treat into her box today, fresh cedar shavings, and took her to the vet. The vet checked the tumor to see if it was an abcess or something (that could be communicable), but no: just a really aggressive tumor. She said it had begun working into her ribcage, probably why she had stopped eating much.

So the house is now mouse-free (except for the cute little field-mice that I occasionally see bouncing through the grass like furry grasshoppers).

I buried mousey in the back near her four relatives, my own little mouse cemetary. The purple running-wheel is their headstone.

Sigh. It's nice to have Key the Hamster here to play with right now. When Chris K. comes home to retrieve his hamster, I think I'll go get myself a little baby hamster.

Hoping y'all're well,
Tags: pets

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